EASY LATCH- Make your child gain more independence when the time comes to tighten his shoes

EASY LATCH was born from the need to constantly tie the shoelaces of my son's shoes, but one day he asked me for elastic laces like I had on my shoes.

OF COURSE there are shoes with Velcro closure, but the problem with these locking system is that you have to constantly clean them because they were filled with lint and everything else the hooks could grab on and lets no talk about the price of this type of shoes! There are other systems with rubber laces that worked well when you are an adult and you have the strength to press a button that is positioned over an spring or the typical rubber cords that once installed children do not have the strength to push their feet forward into the shoe because the pressure of the rubber laces is to high!

EASY LATCH leaves the opening of the shoe or sneaker stretched out, thus facilitating your child's foot entry. Depending on the age of your child you can adjust the tightness of the rubber on the foot so he can anchor the pet of the EASY LATCH to the fixation installed on his shoe.

EASY LATCH has been designed with the help of children to understand their skills at the time of anchoring the pet on the fixation, not all children have the same skills! That is why we have tried to find the balance between a robust and safe design but at the same time easy to handle and fun for all children to use!

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